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For your B2b and B2C campaigns, Consider Linkedin as a goldmine for your business.Our agency gets more of your ideal prospects to convert into customers through irresistible LinkedIn Ad funnels — 100% done-for-you.It is the number one channel to distribute content and the most effective B2B lead generation platform. Businesses report that over 80% of social media leads come from LinkedIn

1. Connect with the right network 

Connecting with the right network is a very important strategy as this is what will get you conversions. If you’re just going to blindly post and push out messages to the wrong audience, it won’t lead anywhere. Use sponsored posts. 

2. Get your content strategy in place 

Once you have identified who your key target is, start with your content strategy. Ask yourself these questions – what would interest your target audience? Are you adding value to the industry? Is your content engaging enough?

3. Keep yourself up-to-date 

Ensure that you leverage trends. The content you publish needs to be quality content. Try using rich media wherever possible. 

4. Create Ad Campaigns 

Organic leads are great. However, create ad campaigns with filters to tap into a pool of potential clients that can give you faster leads, which would lead to faster conversions.

5. Track data monthly 

By way of tracking data regularly, you can understand and analyze your strategy’s strengths and weaknesses. 

6. Use CRM 

Use a CRM system to track your outbound and inbound leads. CRM is one of those LinkedIn marketing strategies which will also add to your goodwill.

7. Find the right employees

You can even hire new talent for your business using LinkedIn. About 90% of professionals are on the portal. 49 million use LinkedIn for job opportunities and around 77 job applications per second are submitted. Hence, it is one of the effective LinkedIn marketing strategies. 

8. Establish credibility

Build credibility by discussing topics related to the business. Thus, you can demonstrate the expertise of your company or business. You can join new groups as well to expand your network.

9. Reach out to influencers and industry leaders 

This strategy is useful as you can get them to support your business. Converse with them, and ask them for guidance. LinkedIn is perfect for networking as well.

10. Promote brand messages 

Promoting your brand message and voice regularly on the page can do wonders. This will increase engagement and visibility which is the expected goal of LinkedIn marketing strategies.

11. Encourage your employees to be part of the group

Your company must look complete on LinkedIn since other businesses and prospective employees will look for you on this platform. If you want all of your LinkedIn marketing strategies to work, encourage your employees to be a part of the group.

12. Engage in client interactions and feedback

This will tell you a lot about how your brand is being perceived and how you can work on your brand image.

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